Paragliding Lake Idro


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Italian Aerobatic Paragliding Championship

5 - 6 - 7 June, 2020

The competition of June was canceled given the current global health situation, was postponed to September 2020 with a date to be evaluated and the future health situation.




The Idroland Fly Zone sits upon the north shore of Lake Idro, close to the è situato sulla riva Nord del Lago d'Idro vicino alla foce del fiume Chiese.

Idroland includes a large building that houses the classrooms for flight courses and a large, 300 m2 salon for events, association meals, etc.

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Landing Zone

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The field in front of the building is reserved for the landing of paragliders and hang-gliders. We recommend that, once you have landed, you move to the north of the building for folding operations, thus leaving the landing zone free for other pilots.

Video Camera Set-Up Area

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Locations for set-up, each sufficiently distant from the other, have been established for flight schools that use video cameras to record their students' flights.

Webcam and Meteo Station

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At the building entrance there is a display, which can be checked even from outside, that shows the constantly updated feeds from the meteo stations located at take-off and at the landing zone.

The webcam linked on the website shows the whole landing zone.



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Wi-Fi internet connection service are available on landing and take-off.

In the landing, the wi-fi network is located in the area outside the entrance to the Trentino Adventures office, while on the spot Alpo it is on the left-hand side of the take-off.

Request the password from the trentino adventures staff.


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South of the building are located the small docks, most commonly used for emergency rafts.

Be careful! If the engine power is over 10CV the raft must be registered with the municipality of Bagolino.

Parking Lots

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The area offers numerous parking spots close to the landing zone, and from 2018 there is a camper parking, which also offers the possibility to unload sewage. Do not park your vehicle close to the shore, since it is a cycling area and no cars are allowed.


Snack Bar

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From June to September, 8 a.m. To 8 p.m., the snack bar will be open: a comfortable location for pilots, tourists and hikers to eat and drink

Toilets and Showers

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Toilets and, upon possession of a Fly Card, warm showers, are available at Idroland. From June to September they will be unlocked by the Bar staff, while the rest of the time the keys will be given to the course instructors.


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The rules are posted upon a bulletin board next to the smaller parking lot and at the paraglider folding area.



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It is available at Idroland Fly Zone a shuttle bus, seating 8 plus driver, for all the pilots looking to reach the take-off zone. The fare is 10€, and the trip must be booked in advance.

If you own a Fly Card the fare will be 8€.

Shuttle bus trips will start with a minimum of 4 passengers.

Schools can rent our shuttle bus for the duration of their course; it will be driven by one of our staffers and it will cost 8€ per passenger for every trip (minimum of 4 passengers required).

"Alpo" Take-off

"Calva" Take-off

Idroland Landing

Webcam Live


Meteo Stations

"Alpo" Meteo station

Idroland Landing Meteo Station


How to reach Idroland



Adress: Strada ai Gregi, 65 – Loc. Idroland

Baitoni di Bondone TN - 38080 - (Chiese Valley - Lake Idro)

GPS COORDINATES: 45.806469, 10.527612

Once you have reached Baitoni, you have to turn right at the fire station and follow the signs for Idroland until you reach the landing zone in front of the lake.



From Brennero

Exit the motorway at the Trento Nord junction and follow the road to Riva del Garda until you reach Sarche.

Once there follow the SS237 road to Tione di Trento, then follow the signs to Brescia until you reach Ponte Caffaro.

At the bridge on the Caffaro torrent turn left and follow the signs to Baitoni; at the fire station turn right and follow the signs until you reach Idroland

From Verona or Brescia

Exit the A4 motorway at the Brescia Est junction and keep going until you reach Ponte Caffaro; at the bridge turn right, follow the signs to Baitoni and at the fire station turn right and keep going until you reach Idroland



The closest station is in Malè, connected to the Ledro Valley by daily buses and taxis (MB osso Service +393284189712)


The closest airports are Brescia-Montichiari, Verona-Villafranca and Milano Orio al Serio (BG).