Paragliding Lake Idro

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Questo calendario indica le disponibilità per prenotare un SIV al Lago d'Idro.



Designed for paragliding and hang gliding pilots who want to fly at the Baitoni hydroland Fly Zone on Lake Idro.

It provides updated data of the take-off and landing weather stations, live web cams, indications of how to reach the take-off points, conventions and much more.

Download the app on the PLAY STORE (FOR ANDROID ONLY) by typing IDROLAND FLY ZONE

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How to reach Idroland



Adress: Strada ai Gregi, 65 – Loc. Idroland

Baitoni di Bondone TN - 38080 - (Chiese Valley - Lake Idro)

GPS COORDINATES: 45.806469, 10.527612

Once you have reached Baitoni, you have to turn right at the fire station and follow the signs for Idroland until you reach the landing zone in front of the lake.



From Brennero

Exit the motorway at the Trento Nord junction and follow the road to Riva del Garda until you reach Sarche.

Once there follow the SS237 road to Tione di Trento, then follow the signs to Brescia until you reach Ponte Caffaro.

At the bridge on the Caffaro torrent turn left and follow the signs to Baitoni; at the fire station turn right and follow the signs until you reach Idroland

From Verona or Brescia

Exit the A4 motorway at the Brescia Est junction and keep going until you reach Ponte Caffaro; at the bridge turn right, follow the signs to Baitoni and at the fire station turn right and keep going until you reach Idroland



The closest station is in Malè, connected to the Ledro Valley by daily buses and taxis (MB osso Service +393284189712)


The closest airports are Brescia-Montichiari, Verona-Villafranca and Milano Orio al Serio (BG).