Paragliding Lake Idro


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This vade-mecum is considered automatically accepted in all its parts by the bearers of Fly Cards granted by Trentino Adventures.

This vade-mecum also applies to all the flying zones listed in attachment n°2 “Flying zones list”.

Fly Card

It is the official Trentino Adventures authorization to use its flying areas and its structures. It is given after you have given your data, accepted the rules regarding fly zones and related attachments and have also payed a yearly tax decided by Trentino Adventures.
Such tax may be the subject of discounts or cancellation for groups and members of Associazioni Sportive Dilettantistiche (Amateur Sports Associations) that are in an agreement with Trentino Adventures.

Independent pilots, companies that create items needed for flying (paragliders, harnesses, etc.) and certification authorities are considered guests and may freely use the flying zone as long as they accept to follow the rules.

All other groups, such as siv courses, acrobacy courses, meetings, flight schools and constant dual paragliding pilots must pay for the fly card and need to present a request form in order to use the takeoff and landing zones managed by Trentino Adventures.

Fly cards grant access to: 

  • Takeoff and landing zones in great condition, with webcams, weather stations and wind sleeves
  • Toilets and showers at the landing zone
  • Free wi-fi at the landing zone
  • Bus
  • Discounts at established shops, hotels and restaurants

Mandatory papers in order to use Trentino Adventures structures

- valid flying licence

- valid insurance policy

-  Fly Card upon request and only for the aforementioned activities and services

Mandatory gear

- flight gear

- helmet

Recommended safety gear

- safety parachute

- LPD radio

- GPS receiver

- green smoke bomb

- safety kit (rope + snap hook)

- life jacket


Pilot behaviour rules

The pilot needs to follow the laws, the rules of the flying zone and the recommendations provided by the Trentino Adventures staff. Flights must take place between sunrise and sunset, as indicated by the ephemeris, with a pilot in good mental and physical health.

In case of accident

A white cross at the landing zone means the area has been closed. Clear the area by going to the closest landing. Until the cross has been removed nobody is allowed to take off. The setting off of a red smoke bomb means that an air ambulance is coming, so free the area in a 1 km radius from the smoke bomb. No take-offs until the helicopter has taken off and it is sufficiently far from the flying zone.

Nobody is hurt

Call 118 and set off the green smoke to signal your safety. Pick up your equipment to avoid meaningless alarms.

Someone is hurt

Call 118, preferably giving them your GPS coordinates.

Items have been damaged

Do not run away and give the injured party the data of your insurance policy.

Useful phone numbers:

Medical emergencies 118

Carabinieri (police) 112

Trentino Adventures staff +39/3294265501 - +39/3281017169 - +39/3488113173

Trentino Adventures staff

Any member of the staff may stop people from using the flying zone in case of security problems or people requiring medical help.

Escorted groups

See “Rules for escorted groups”.


Paramotor flying is forbidden in any and all forms due to the different flying trajectories and in order to guarantee the safety and success of the lessons.

Important note

Before flying the pilot must read the vade-mecum, the rules and any announcement posted on the flying zone's boards or on the website.


Rules for escorted groups

Before coming to the Trentino Adventures flying zone each group must email the data regarding the school or group and a list of all the pilots and students that will be participating, including the insurance policy and the flying licence number of each person.

Special contributions

Fly cards are free for all guides and instructors of any group.
Independent pilots, companies that create items needed for flying (paragliders, harnesses, etc.) and certification authorities are considered guests and may freely use the flying zone.

Non-mandatory advice

During the hottest times of the year (generally spring, summer and the beginnings of autumn), while the rules allow it, it is advised to not fly from 11.00  to 15.00 if you are a beginner.

Such situations may occur outside the aforementioned periods, so caution is always advised, whenever you fly.


The legal representative or group leader of each group that comes to the flying zone run by Trentino Adventures is considered responsible for the safety of the pilots he or she is accompanying during a flight.