Paragliding Lake Idro


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  1. BOOKING OBLIGATION: Starting from November 30, 2017, all schools and groups that want to fly at Idroland must book their time at the flying zone. At any time there will be no more than 3 schools or groups working at the location, for a total of 45/48 pilots at the most.

In the PRIVATE AREA of our website you will find a calendar where every school (you need to send us a request for the password) can anonymously verify how many other schools have already reserved time and thus pick a less busy period. The colour red marks groups already booked in, while green marks free slots.  

  1. FLY CARD: Each student-pilot must have Idroland's FLY CARD, which costs 10 €.

Before every group's arrival you must send us, either via e-mail or via whatsapp, a picture of the list of pilots. Our staff will then prepare the fly cards, which will be given upon arrival to the group's manager, who will then collect the money from the pilots and give it to our staffer.

  1. IDROLAND CLASSROOMS: There are three rooms available:

1°) Large classroom, seating up to 25 people, with a flight simulator, desks, chairs and tables for paraglider emergency foldings.

2°) Small classroom, seating up to 12 people, with a flight simulator.

3°) Small classroom, seating up to 12 people, with a flight simulator.

Each room must be booked and paid for:

The large room costs 50€ per day

The small ones cost 30€ per day

We reserve the right to confirm the allotted bookings, as we have accords with the local municipality for public events, as well as possibly having need of the rooms ourselves for events organized by our own association.

  1. IDROLAND TOILETS: near the landing zone are available some toilets for the pilots, but the keys will only be given to the course manager.

The last school leaving the landing zone at the end of the day must lock up the toilets, as to avoid any act of vandalism during the night.


Every school working or assisting must have an emergency boat playing support on the lake's surface. BEWARE! Should the motor power be over 10 CV the boat must be registered with the Bagolino municipality in order to avoid incurring any fine (we can act as an intermediary for the delivery of the papers to the offices). We would also remind all schools to keep on board, should they be stopped for a control, the following documents: insurance papers, both boat and engine logbook.

If the school does not have its own boat Idroland Fly Zone has one that can be rented. The rates are:

- One-day rental of the unmanned raft: 150€

- One-day rental of the manned raft: 200€

- 2+ days rental: 70€ per day


We offer the following prices should you need to rent both the raft (no staffer included) and a classroom:

LARGE CLASSROOM + UNMANNED RAFT: 70€ per day for the raft + 50€ to book the room for the whole course duration

SMALL CLASSROOM + UNMANNED RAFT: 70€ per day for the raft + 30€ to book the room for the whole course duration


Every pilot must be wearing a life jacket. Following regulations, they must be either equipped with tanks and salt tablets or hydrostatic with a minimum power of 150 kn.

  1. SHUTTLE BUS: Drive carefully, both going and returning from the take-off zones: the road is noticeably narrow, and often used by larger vehicles collecting wood or driving to the local farmsteads.
  2. SHUTTLE SERVICE: Our shuttle bus is available upon request; it seats 8 pilots plus the driver and has a large luggage compartment for the paraglider sacks.

Should you choose to use our bus the driver will depart for the take-off zone once at least 6 seats have been filled. Upon arrival, if the weather conditions are not right to fly, the driver will wait for no longer than 30 minutes. Should they be made to wait further, the group will have to pay the fare a second time, for the return trip. Contact us for further details upon the fares. 

  1. TAKE-OFF AT THE ALPO TAKE-OFF & LANDING ZONE: The Alpo take-off zone is wide and large enough to welcome up to 10 paragliders at the same time.

To avoid problems and let the schools work in the most efficient manner the take-off zone has been divided in 4 smaller areas (see picture), which can be easily identified through the color-coded rocks marking their perimeters. Please do not overstep the boundaries: each school must be able to let its pilots take off safely.

VIDEO CAMERA SET-UP AREA: Likewise, near the beach there are four different areas where you can set up a radio and camera station without suffering from interferences and disturbances.